When selling x-ray scrap, AU Precious Metals is the company that will give you the most cash. Our experienced professionals know exactly how to test your metals through fire assay and acid testing. After our specialists have fully examined your x-ray scrap, we’ll give you a quote for it. If you’re happy with it, you can get extra cash to put right back into your business. Call us today at (877) 744-0872.

Selling X-Ray Scrap

Refuse to be undersold for your x-ray scrap, call the professionals at AU Precious Metals. X-ray scrap, or electrolytic recovered silver is a product found in doctors offices, or other places where x-rays are taken. Selling x-ray scrap with our company is as easy as 1-2-3! Remember that AU Precious Metals WILL NOT accept anything on plastic and all materials must be completely dried out. Get extra money for your business today with the qualified specialists at AU Precious Metals.

Industrial X-Ray Scrap Buyers

If your company is in the medical field, send your scraps to the qualified x-ray scrap buyers in Michigan. We’ll buy from any industry, as long as it’s not on plastic and all materials are not completely dried out. If you’re in the following industries, you probably have x-ray scrap that you can sell to AU Precious Metals for cash:

  • Doctors Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary Offices
  • College/Universities
  • Dental Offices

X-Ray Scrap Buyers in Michigan

If you’re looking for x-ray scrap buyers in Michigan, AU Precious Metals will give you the extra cash that your company deserves. Our x-ray scrap buyers have been in business for years and always give individuals and businesses the best deal for their precious metals. Call the experts at our x-ray scrap refinery at (877) 744-0872. We promise that you will not be undersold.