Along with purchasing a large assortment of precious metal items, AU Precious Metals also sells a variety of precious metal items at wholesale prices. When you’re looking to invest in purchasing items including bullion and a 90 percent silver U.S. coin (junk silver), we have a large stock for you to choose from. Prices will vary minute by minute depending on spot market prices. Contact us for more information on what we sell today!

Why Invest in Precious Metal Items?

buy gold in rochester miPrecious metal items are one of the few assets that hold and increase their value over time. Investing in tangible precious metal items such as gold are amongst the most popular investment assets, along with stocks, bonds and cash. One of the reasons is these items can diversify your portfolio because it holds minimal risks. Also, investing in gold and other precious metal items is not associated with other main asset classes (stocks, bonds or cash). Further, precious metal items such as gold hold their value against rising inflation. Investing in precious metals has been increasingly popular in times financial strain and uncertainty, some refer to it as a defense play, because it still holds its value regardless of the value of a dollar. The annual price of gold has continually increased over the past four decades, giving you a secure investment opportunity.

Top Precious Metal Items to Invest In

There are many precious metal items you can invest in. Some of the most popular are as follows:

  • Bullion bars and rounds – These items’ values are exclusively based upon the content of their gold, silver and precious metal content, making them one of the most profitable items you can invest in.
  • Coins – These items have two sources of value, one in face value, and the other in their precious metal content. U.S. coins that are 90 percent silver are a great investment option.
  • Jewelry – These are some of the most popular precious metal containing items; these can also include diamonds and other valuable gems.

Items We Sell That are in Stock Today

AU Precious Metals has a large stock of precious metal items that are available for purchase today! Some of these items include:

  • Coins – 90 percent silver U.S. coin
  • Bullion – We sell a variety of bullion types including silver, gold, platinum and more.

If you are interested in these types of items or if you are interested in what other types of items we have in stock, call us today for more information at 877-744-0872.

How Purchasing Items from AU Precious Metals Works

Selling Silver Coins MichiganWe provide an easy precious metal buying and investing process. The first step is to contact us with the items you are wishing to purchase or invest in. Here we will discuss the current items we have in stock and the current spot prices. We will then set up easy payment and shipping methods. You can also set up an appointment to stop in our local facility to purchase your items. We guarantee, you’ll get the best prices on our great precious metal items we have in stock! Call us today at 877-744-0872 for more information.