AU Precious Metal Solutions provides precious metal buying services for dentists, orthodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons. We are the top buyer of your scrap dental products. If you’re in the dental surgeon business and looking to sell some old gold appliances, call us NOW at 877-477-0872!

Dental Scrap Buyers

AU Precious Metal Solutions is buying all unusable dental products that are yellow gold. We are the #1 refiner of yellow dental crowns in Michigan. It does not matter if there is enamel, cement, plastic or screws still attached to these items. Once we take them through our state of the art refining process, all that will be left will be precious metal. AU Precious Metals works with your dentist offices to provide the top buying services for all of your dental scrap. We pay top dollar for your dental scrap for sale every day! Call AU Precious Metals today at 877-477-0872!

We Buy Dental Gold, Palladium & Platinum

If you're in the dental business and you're looking to sell your precious metals, AU Precious Metal Solutions gives you more than any other Michigan company! The most common precious metal items we buy from a dentist are dental crowns, bridges, and grills (more of a cosmetic piece). However, we are not limited to purchasing just these items. Occasionally, AU Precious Metal Solutions will receive dental casting squares from a dentist who will cast their own crowns. Yellow or white, it does not matter, we will accurately melt and assay your dental lot and yield you the highest return on your precious metal.  Call for a QUOTE today at 877-477-0872!

The #1 Dental Gold, Platinum and Palladium Refiner in the Midwest!

AU Precious Metal Solutions has designed a special program specifically for the dental profession.  We have found that with the high prices of precious metal, often times your patients may ask for an old crown or appliance back upon removal. AU Precious Metal Solutions wants to make sure that you are still able to get paid. Call 877-477-0872 to find out more about our “Dentist Refer A Patient” program. It’s a very simple program designed just for your industry!  Absolutely no work for you,  just simply rewards for your referral.

Precious Metal Does Not Oxidize!

The average life of a crown is 10 years, but for those patients who do not take care of their teeth and brush several times a day, they are at risk to not see this type of longevity. With this in mind, make sure to have a plan for your dental practice and or patients offering solutions from a trusted source to replace patients’ old crowns. We are known for the most accurate and fastest turn around time in the industry. We will make sure that your dental precious metal items go through our homogeneous melting process. We then measure the precious metal content using either Fire Assay or XRF technology to determine the best possible value for your precious metal. Once we have determined exactly how much metal you have, we will offer the TOP market price when brokering your metal. Call AU Precious Metal Solutions today for a quote, at 877-477-0872.

What Other Dentists Are Saying

“Brad Gutov is great to work with, operates his business with integrity and pays the highest price. I am very please with his service and highly recommend his company to other dentists for the best value.” – George D. from George Denes, DDS PC

“I’ve recommended your company to a few other dentists in the area who have been unsatisfied with their last couple of returns from another refiner.” – Dr. G. Frenkel DDS from Hartford, Connecticut

Sell Your Dental Scrap Today!

If you’re wondering what your dental scrap is worth, you can speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives at 877-477-0872. We will walk you through our dental precious metal buying process and help determine an estimate for your items. AU Precious Metals makes selling your dental items simple and profitable! Get your quote today at 877-477-0872.