AU Precious Metals gives you cash for your unwanted silver. Our silver appraisal professionals in Michigan, will provide you with the most for your items. With our exceptional customer service, accurate testing methods and quick payment options, we deliver the most reputable silver appraisals in Michigan. We work with a number of industries including healthcare, jewelers, pawn shops, dentists, universities, laboratories and more, along with individual sellers. AU Precious Metals buys silver in Michigan based on the market value. Our silver appraisers in Michigan pay TOP DOLLAR CASH! Plus, we offer a fast and easy selling process. For a silver appraisal in Michigan, contact us today.

How to Tell if Your Silver is Real

Most high-quality silver items are stamped with a “fineness” or “quality” mark. This mark designates the precious metal content of the jewelry. Before 1981, jewelry manufacturers were allowed to be about ½ carat off or a difference of 2.05% compared to the mark they placed in jewelry. This meant a ring stamped 92.5 or Sterling  could actually be 90.45%.  Of course, manufacturers were able to make silver jewelry which was 90.45% consistently, and doing that saved them silver. In 1976, a law was passed to require jewelry makers to be much closer in gold and silver content to what the stamp said, but the law did not go into effect until 1981.

In the meantime, manufacturers did not want confusion with customers and also wanted to promote jewelry made to the higher standards and looked for a way to distinguish the older jewelry from the newer. The answer was the “Plumb Law”, a mark of a “P” or the word “plumb” stamped along side the karat mark. When customers saw the “P” and it was explained what it meant, they knew this jewelry met the new standards for accurate marking of the gold or silver. Look for the following:

  • Sterling
  • Ster
  • SS
  • .925 or 925
  • Sterling silver
  • English hallmark of a lion (make sure it matches image on right, as it should be facing left)

Find the Worth Of Silver Jewelry & Coins

We offer appraisals and cash payouts for a variety of silver items. When you’re ready to sell silver in Michigan, the appraisers at AU Precious Metals can give you the HIGHEST value for your silver jewelry, coins and other items including:

  • Sterling silver flatware and hollowware
  • Jewelry including rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more
  • Coins and bars
  • Antique silver
  • Silver wire and sheet
  • Silver mesh and tubing
  • Dental scrap, crowns and miscasts
  • Bullion
  • Industrial scrap
  • Silver flake from photo film recovery
  • Electrolytic recovered silver
  • Mirror silver powders
  • Silver inlays and caps

After we’ve provided you with an estimate, you can send us your silver with our secure shipping process, or make an appointment to stop by one of our locations in Michigan. After we receive your silver, we will test and analyze your items to determine the value. Next, we will call you with our offer or if you are in person provide it immediately. Then we will send you the cash! It’s so easy to sell silver in Michigan with AU Precious Metal Solutions. Contact us today for a silver appraisal! See WHY WE’RE THE BEST!

Sell Silver for TOP DOLLAR Cash in Michigan

Selling your silver is now easier than ever, and it offers a high return. If you’re looking to sell your silver that is no longer in use, contact us today! We will analyze your insured silver and give you top dollar. At AU Precious Metals, we value your precious metals and take pride in paying you the most for silver; but we also give you cash for gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, diamonds and now silver plated items you want to sell. If you have any questions about selling silver in Michigan, call 877-744-0872 today! GET PAID NOW!!