AU Precious Metals offers you the highest payout when you’re interested in selling your silver ring in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Our silver refiners are experienced, knowledgeable and guarantee to pay you the most for your items. AU Precious Metals has been in the silver buying business for more than two generations! Whether you’re looking to sell just a few small items, or even a really large amount of silver, AU Precious Metals will take care of your needs. Call our professionals when selling silver at 877-744-0872.

How Do I Sell My Silver Rings?

Sell Silver Rings For Cash, MIOur professionals make it easy to sell your silver rings for cash! If you have silver rings, whether they are broken, old or just unwanted; AU Precious Metals will purchase them from you. Make sure you have the .925 stamp on your silver ring; this means it is 92.5 percent silver, making it valuable! The first step in selling silver rings in Metro Detroit is to contact us! In this step one of our professionals will speak to you about your items and give you an estimated value. We will also set you up with fast, secure shipping. If you would like to stop by our local facility, we can set up an appointment. After we have received your silver items, we will test them to determine the actual value based on market prices. We will then contact you with the information we have analyzed and pay you top dollar! If you’re wondering more about how it works, contact us today!

Other Silver We Buy in Metro Detroit

We work with a range of individual and industries to provide them with the best buying services possible. AU Precious Metals purchase many silver items from broken jewelry to industrial scrap. You can start selling silver items including:

  • Sterling silver flatware or hollow-ware
  • Sterling silver scrap rings
  • 90 percent silver U.S. coin
  • Industrial scrap
  • Electrolytic silver flake
  • Silver bars
  • Silver bullion
  • Dental scrap, crowns and miscasts
  • Antique silver
  • Mirrored silver powders
  • Silver mesh and tubing
  • Sterling silver jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and more

If you are looking for a full list of silver items we buy, check it out here. If you don’t see your items on the list, give us a call today at 877-744-0872.

See What Our Customers are Saying Here!

“I just got the mail today and found your quick payment for the silverware that was sent you last week. AU Precious Metal Solutions does exactly what they advertised, and I am very pleased…Thanks for the great service.” – J.C. Collins. Caro, MI.

See this and more testimonials here today. Start selling silver rings and other items in Metro Detroit today! Let AU Precious Metals pay you the most for your silver rings and other items. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our services, as well as, the amount you get paid. Call today to get the process started at 877-744-0872.