Sell silver for cash in MIAU Precious Metal Solutions gives you the best price if you’re looking into selling silver in Warren. Our second-generation refinery gives you the best money for your silver. We base what we pay on the current market values for silver, ensuring you get top dollar everyday! When you sell with AU Precious Metals, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Call our professionals today at 877-744-0872 and see exactly how much your precious metals are worth.

Buying Silver From Industries

The experienced team of silver refiners at AU Precious Metal Solutions doesn’t just buy silver from individuals. We have a large, trusted network of industries that we buy from as well. We serve many industries, such as:

If you think selling your silver could benefit your business, call us today at 877-744-0872 or visit our How it Works page to find out more.

Silver Buyer in Warren, Michigan

Our second-generation refiner is the absolute best silver buyer in Warren, Michigan. After receiving your products, our skilled refiners will examine your silver. We have a number of testing methods we use in order to see what exactly your silver is worth. After a full examination, a qualified representative will contact you to tell you what your silver is worth. Within days you’ll get the extra cash in your pocket!

Sell Your Silver in Warren

When it comes to selling silver in Warren, the team at AU Precious Metal Solutions will give you the very best price for your metals. When you sell with us, we’re the refiner, so there’s no middleman involved. This means extra cash in your pocket! In addition to silver, our team also buys other precious metals, such as gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Remember, we will not accept silver or gold-plated items. Call our refiners today at 877-744-0872.