AU Precious Metals pays top dollar when you’re interested in selling your gold bracelet in Metro Detroit, Michigan. We are the most reputable gold buyer in Michigan and we make selling your gold easy! Don’t sell your unwanted gold to a middleman; they will only pay you a fraction of the cost that AU Precious Metals will give you. Call our professionals at 877-744-0872 when you are selling a gold bracelet in Metro Detroit.

How Selling Gold Works

Selling Gold Jewelry for Cash in MichiganOur experienced and knowledgeable team of gold refiners are quick and efficient. To make buying your gold easy, we use a simple Four Fs program.

  • Friendly – The first step in the process is to contact one of our friendly professionals at 877-744-0872. Discuss the items you would like to sell and we will give you an estimate of what the items are worth.
  • Fast – We offer fast, safe shipping options, so your unwanted gold is guaranteed to get to us in no time. Ask our representatives about shipping reimbursements.
  • Factual – After receiving your items, we test and weigh your items to determine the value. Our testing methods include scratch testing, X-Ray and Fire Assay. We then make you an offer based on the results of our testing.
  • Funds – We pay you cash! It’s that easy!

Find out more about our gold-buying process here.

Sell Gold Jewelry for Fast Cash in Metro Detroit, MI

AU Precious Metals not only offers you top dollar when selling gold in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Other gold items we purchase include:

  • Scrap dental gold including crowns, grills and teeth
  • Jewelry including bracelets, rings and earrings
  • Coins and medals
  • Damaged and broken jewelry
  • Melted gold
  • Gold nuggets and solder
  • Polishing and buffing dust
  • Gold sponge, shot, findings and flake
  • Placer gold
  • Bullion

Please note that we do not purchase gold-plated items. Give us a call at 877-744-0872 to discuss other gold items we buy.

What are Others Saying About Selling Gold with AUPMS?

“These guys are awesome! Sold all the cheesy gold jewelry I got from high school boyfriends and banked almost 300 dollars! If you’re not wearing it, turn it into cash!” – Jessica B. from Detroit, Michigan

“Just wanted to let you guys know that I received hundreds of dollars more for my gold, from you, than the big name dealers offered. I was totally dissatisfied with these big name dealers. One was off by 25% of the actual weight I sent in and the other was claiming that the gold I sent in was 18 kt, not the 22 kt I actually sent in. Thank you very much for your great service.” – R. Acosta from Orange Park, Florida

Sell Your Gold Bracelets in Michigan!

AU Precious Metals will give you cash for your unwanted gold jewelry. Whether you are simply wondering what your gold bracelet is worth, or interested in selling your gold jewelry, contact us today!