If you have silver coins, flatware, jewelry or antiques, AU Precious Metal Solutions is here to pay you top dollar! We are qualified and experienced and we specialize in buying sterling silver. Selling silver in Michigan is easier than ever with our Four Fs program. We offer friendly service, a fast selling process, factual testing methods and cash funds! Whether you are a business, individual or hobbyist looking to sell sterling silver for cash, AU Precious Metals is the #1 reputable buyer in Michigan.

How Selling Sterling Silver Works

If you’re in need of quick cash for selling silver in Michigan, look no further than AU Precious Metals. We offer a quick and easy selling process so you can get the cash you need fast!

  • Friendly – First, you will contact our friendly customer service. During this step of the selling process, we will discuss the items you wish to sell. We will also give you a quote for your silver. You can also email us at sales@aupreciousmetals.com.
  • Fast – Next, we will provide you with the best shipping method for your items. Ask about our free shipping options and reimbursements. Our shipping methods are fast, safe and secure. You can even track your package!
  • Factual – Once we receive your items, we will take them through our advanced testing and analysis process. Our testing methods include Fire Assay, scratch, and XRF.
  • Funds – After we test your sterling silver, we will contact you with a price. Once we agree on a price, we will send you the cash! Ask about our payment options.

Sterling Silver Items We Buy

We’ll be glad to discuss any sterling silver item you would like to sell, all you have to do is contact us! Here is a list of the sterling silver items we buy.

  • Selling Silver Jewelry, MISterling Silver flatware and hollowware (not silver-plated)
  • Jewelry including rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more
  • Silver flake from photo film recovery
  • Silver wire and sheet
  • Silver mesh and tubing
  • Coins and bars
  • Bullion
  • Industrial scrap
  • Electrolytic recovered silver
  • Mirror silver powders
  • Antique silver
  • Other precious metals we buy

If you have any questions about the sterling silver items you wish to sell, our staff is here to help! Call us today at 877-744-0872.

Sell Sterling Silver Jewelry, Coins and Flatware in Michigan

If you have broken silver jewelry, unwanted silver jewelry and even outdated pieces you aren’t wearing anymore, you can sell sterling silver for fast cash! We are more than a trusted silver buyer; we are the top sterling silver buyer in Michigan, and we pay top dollar everyday! Don’t trust just any silver buyer or a middleman. Choose AU Precious Metals and trust that your valuables and your payouts are in the hands of the silver experts! Contact us today, call 877-744-0872.