AU Precious Metal Solutions provides you with the experience, reputable and friendly customer service you need when selling silver for cash in St. Louis, Missouri. Our silver buyers pay you top dollar for your silver every day! We have been providing customers with the top silver buying services for more than two generations! For more information on selling silver in St. Louis, give us a call at (877) 744 – 0872.

St. Louis Silver Selling Process

Our St. Louis silver buyers make it fast and easy when it comes to getting top dollar for your items! When you first contact us ,you will speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable representatives, than we will discuss the items you wish to sell to us. In this step we will be able to give you an estimated value for your items. Our professionals will then provide you with secure shipping options so you can easily send them into our silver refinery. After AU Precious Metals has received your items, we will then decide if we’d like to buy them outright or if we’d like to take them through testing and analysis. We will then call you with our findings and send you cash! It’s that easy! Call (877) 744 – 0872 today for more information about the St. Louis silver selling process.

What Silver Items We Buy

AU Precious Metals purchases a large assortment of silver items from individuals as well as industries. From scrap silver and jewelry to large amounts of industrial items, we buy it al!. Some of the silver we buy in St. Louis includes but is not limited to sterling silver flatware, jewelry, coins, bars, bullion, industrial items, silver wire, sheet, mesh, tubing, electrolytic recovered silver, mirror silver powders, antique silver and more! If you have any questions regarding the items we purchase or to find out more about what we buy contact our silver buyers today! Please note we do not accept silver-plated items.

Why Sell Silver in St. Louis with AU Precious Metals?

AU Precious Metals is a reputable silver buyer! We are experienced, friendly, professional and we put cash in your pocket. Not only do we offer exceptional service to our customers but we guarantee to give you top dollar for your items. See what everyone is saying about us on our testimonials page today! Give us a call at (877) 744 – 0872 and one of our representatives will gladly assist you with selling your silver!