If you have an old gold watch that you are looking to sell for cash, our professionals are here for you! AU Precious Metal Solutions provides high-quality services and top dollar for your unwanted or broken gold items. Our professionals make it easy for you to earn fast cash in exchange for your gold watch, jewelry, coins and much more. AU Precious Metals is your No. 1 local source for honest dealings and even higher payouts. When you’re ready to sell your gold in Michigan, we’ll help you discover the extra money in valuables you didn’t even know you had!

Gold Items We Buy in Michigan

AU Precious Metals purchases a large assortment of gold items including your old, broken or unwanted karat gold watch. Some of the other gold items we purchase include:

  • 8k, 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 23k, 24k gold
  • Watches
  • Fine and estate jewelry
  • Coins and medals
  • Bullion
  • Scrap dental gold including dental crowns, bridgework, grills and teeth
  • Jewelry including bracelets, rings, charms and more
  • Gold scrap including damaged and broken jewelry
  • Placer gold
  • Gold sponge, shot, findings and flake
  • Gold ingots
  • Melted gold
  • Gold nuggets and solder
  • Gold alloys, sizing stock, screen and mesh
  • Polishing and buffing dust
  • Gold wire, dust and sweeps
  • Gold sheet and casting grain
  • Goldsmith’s bench files and sweeps

When you’re looking to sell a karat gold watch for cash, AU Precious Metals will pay you top dollar. We purchase karat gold watches including Ebel, Tissot, Baum Mercier, Cartier, Rolex, Hamilton, Hallmark and others. We also buy silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium! For a full list of the metals we buy, call 877-744-0872.

Our Luxury Gold Watch & Jewelry Selling Process

Whether you’re selling a karat gold watch because it’s broken, collecting dust or other reasons we will put cash in your pocket for it. AU Precious Metals makes the selling process easy! We stand by our quality, efficient service and high payouts. Our gold watch selling services are:

  • Friendly – Our friendly, efficient and professional staff is here for you, ready to discuss your goals and the items you want to sell. Maybe you’re unsure if your gold watch is worth anything. We have staff on hand to answer all of your questions. From small items to larger orders, we will give you an estimate on your metal items. Contact us at 877-744-0872.
  • Fast – After you contact our buyers, we will figure out the best gold selling method for your. Our safe and secure shipping method guarantees your items will arrive safely. We even offer free shipping for some orders! Call us today for more shipping details.
  • Factual – Once your items arrive, we will determine the actual value using the most advanced and top-rated testing methods including scratch, XRF, and Fire Assay. Read more about our gold testing process here.
  • Funds – After we contact you and agree on a price for your items, we will send you the cash. It’s that easy! We pay top dollar every day! Ask about our payment options.

No. 1 Trusted Gold Watch Buyer in Michigan

Don’t trust just any gold buyer when you choose to sell your gold watches. Choose a top gold buyer! With AU Precious Metal Solutions, you can trust that your valuables and your payouts are in trustworthy hands! We will work with you to make sure you get the easiest, fastest and highest-paying selling process possible. Contact us to sell your gold watch for cash today! Call 877-744-0872.