Our Process

Precious Metal Testing MethodsAU Precious Metal Solutions helps you find the value of your precious metals and gives you the most cash for your unwanted precious metals. Our professional metal refining services are quick and efficient; from start to finish. We give you the peace of mind you need by offering professional and expedient precious metal services.



Finding Out What Your Precious Metals are Worth

First step in the process is to contact us and let us know what kind of items you will be selling. We will then give you an estimate of what your items are worth by weight, using Troy ounces (31.1 grams = 1 Troy ounce). Once we’ve established your items’ estimated value, you send them to us using our professional shipping process, which will ensure that your items are received safely. You can conveniently make an appointment in Novi or Rochester, Monday through Friday.

Refining Services

Once we’ve received your precious metal items, we weigh your items and test your items accordingly. AU Precious Metal Solutions uses testing technology that includes X-RAY. Upon melting or acid refining and assaying your metals, we know how many Troy ounces of pure metal you have. The next step is to broker your metal. You must indicate prior to melt if we are to pool or sell your metal. After we determine the market value of your items and contact you to inform you of our results. Once satisfied with our offer, we send you the cash amount of what your items are worth.


We Buy Your Precious Metals

AU Precious Metal Solutions is a professional refining service in Michigan. We melt your old, unwanted items down and give them a new life. AU Precious Metal Solutions is your #1 trusted company in metal buying solutions. We make selling your unwanted and broken precious metals fast, easy and safe. If you want to know more about our process and services, please contact us today! 1-877-744-0872.

Customer Testimonials

“I had checked around trying to find out what my gold was worth locally and either found that nobody would deal in placer gold or would only offer me 20 to 40 percent of value. In less than two weeks, I had your check in hand at a rate exactly as advertised in your online information. You can be sure that when I have more placer gold to sell, I will be dealing with your company. I would be happy to refer anyone thinking of selling their gold to contact your company before dealing with the local buyers here.” – Candy G. from Flagstaff, Arizona

“Just wanted to let you guys know that I received hundreds of dollars more for my gold, from you, than the big name dealers offered. I was totally dissatisfied with these big name dealers. One was off by 25% of the actual weight I sent in and the other was claiming that the gold I sent in was 18 kt, not the 22 kt I actually sent in. Thank you very much for your great service.” – R. Acosta from Orange Park, Florida

“These guys are awesome! Sold all the cheesy gold jewelry I got from high school boyfriends and banked almost 300 dollars! If you’re not wearing it, turn it into cash!” – Jessica B. from Detroit, Michigan