AU Precious Metal Solutions offers the best in platinum buying services in the Royal Oak area. We work with a variety of healthcare facilities in providing them with the best platinum buying services available. From EP catheters to crucibles, we buy it all! For more information on your best health care industry platinum buyers call us today at (877) 744-0872!

Sell Healthcare Industry Precious Metal Items

We are the #1 place to sell your health care industry precious metal items! Some of the precious metals we purchase from the healthcare industry include EP catheters, crucibles, interventional items (guide wires, balloon tips), pacemakers and stents. We help you recycle precious metal medical waste and pay you top dollar! If you don’t see your items on this list, give us a call and one of our professional precious metal buyers will help you! Get your free quote today!

Buying Process for Platinum EP Catheters & Other Precious Metals in Royal Oak, Michigan

Our professionals make it easy when you’re in search of selling precious metals in the healthcare industry. The first step is to contact us where we can discuss the items your facility is wishing to sell. We will then set you up with easy, secure shipping options. Once we receive your items with an inbound weight, we can then either pool your metal or lock in a price. After we’ve received your items and determine the value, we will contact you with our findings. Then we will pay you cash! It’s that easy! Contact us today for more information on our buying process.

Start Recycling Healthcare Precious Metal Waste for Cash Today!

Let the experienced precious metal buyers at AU Precious Metals put cash in your pocket today! We offer many solutions for the precious metals recycling programs in the health industry! Whether you need to sell EP catheters, crucibles, interventional items, stents or pacemakers, we have you covered. For more information on our services for platinum buying in Royal Oak, Michigan, call us today at (877) 744 – 0872! We’re experienced, professional and put cash in your pocket! Contact us today!