AU Precious Metals is your most trusted gold ring buyers in Michigan. Our second-generation gold refiners work with you, to pay the most for your gold rings! AU Precious Metals makes it easy to get cash in your pocket for old and unwanted gold. We’re local, experienced and we guarantee we’ll pay you top dollar every day!

What Kinds of Gold Rings & Items We Buy

We purchase an assortment of gold rings and other gold items. We purchase gold rings including class rings, cocktail rings,engagement rings, vintage rings and more. We also pay TOP $ for  8k, 9k,10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 23k and 24k gold items! Whether your rings are broken, have gems set in or you just don’t want them, the professionals at AU Precious Metals will buy them from you. We also purchase gold items including:

  • Gold jewelry including bracelets, rings, charms and more
  • Fine and estate jewelry
  • Coins and medals
  • Gold watches
  • Scrap dental gold including dental crowns, bridgework, grills and teeth
  • Damaged and broken gold jewelry
  • Melted gold
  • Gold wire, dusts and sweeps
  • Gold polishing and buffing dust
  • Placer gold

Find a full list of gold items we buy here today!

Our Gold Ring Buying Process

At AU Precious Metals our gold ring buying process is easy, friendly and fast. We go by the Four Fs system; friendly, fast, factual and funds! We offer friendly customer service, fast shipping options, factual results and the top funds. First you will contact our gold ring buying professionals, here we will discuss your items and give you an estimated value. Our friendly gold buyers will then provide you with fast and secure shipping options. After we have received your gold rings we will then use our factual testing methods to determine the actual value. AU Precious Metals will then contact you and provide you with our results! We will then send you payment for your gold rings! For more information on our gold ring buying process, contact us today!

Getting the Michigan Gold Buying Process Started

Let us help you get cash for your gold rings and unwanted gold items. Our Michigan gold buyers are here to help! Call us today and one of our professionals will gladly assist you. Whether you’re looking to sell old class rings, engagement rings or just other unwanted gold items; contact us today and we’ll get you the cash in your pocket! Call us today at 877-744-0872!

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