Q: What precious metals other than gold do you purchase?

A: We accept silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and iridium. If you have a question about items that are you are trying to sell, contact one our friendly staff members and we’ll help you find out what your items are worth.

Q: Are there any things that you won’t purchase?

A: We don’t purchase catalytic converters or anything that’s gold or silver plated. We only purchase high grade metals.

Q: How do you determine the value of my items?

Melt your Gold for cash, Sell your Gold with AU Precious Metals A: To determine the value, we have to first melt down or scratch test the items and find out their exact weight in Troy ounces. This allows us to provide the same pricing scale to all types of precious metals or buy outright through scratch and XRF testing.

Q: Will you purchase broken or otherwise damaged items?

A: Yes, as long as they’re composed of a precious metal. Frequently, we purchase broken jewelry and other unwanted items that are gold, silver, platinum and more.

Q: What is the standard unit of measure for gold and other precious metals?

A: Ounces, but instead of the standard ounce, they are measured in Troy ounces. The standard ounce that most people use is actually called an avordupois ounce, but the Troy ounce is used for precious metals such as these.

Q: Can you quote me the projected sale price of my items over the phone?

Sell your Precious Metals, Sell your Gold for Cash in MichiganA: If you can provide the weight in Troy ounces or grams, we can give you an estimate on most items. We will only be able to give a confirmed price once you’ve sent in the materials.

Q: Why should I sell my precious metals to you rather than a third party business?

A: If you sell your precious metals to us, you’re cutting out the middleman. We’ll give you full price for your metal, so you don’t have to settle for a less than desirable deal. Third party businesses typically only give you a small fraction of what your valuables are worth.  AU Precious Metal Solutions will give you the most for your items, every time.

Q: If I do choose to sell to you, how can I expect to receive payment?

A: We will call or email you and inform you of our findings. Payment options include check, bank-wire, pay-pal or bullion. Please call 1-877-744-0872 for more information.

Q: After selling my metals, is it possible to return the payment if I’m unsatisfied with the transaction?

A: Rather than having to return the payment, we will tell you the offer after melting down your items and if you’re unsatisfied, we will return your metal at no extra charge to you.

Q: How can you tell whether or not I have a precious metal?

A: If you send your materials into us, we will use the assayed method of testing to determine the type and quality of metal present.

Q: What if I want to sell gold jewelry with inset jewels that I can’t remove?

Sell Precious Metals for Cash, Cash for Platinum
A: If you have inset jewels in your precious metals, we will buy both from you.  As stated above, if you’re unsatisfied with the offer, we will send you all melted down materials and the formerly inset jewels.