Platinum Buyer

AU Precious Metal Solutions is your #1 platinum buyer. When you are looking to sell platinum items, we carefully assess the true value and worth of each item. We buy platinum from individuals and businesses. When you’re looking to sell platinum items, we provide the best platinum smelting services and give you the best price for your platinum. AU Precious Metal Solutions measures the value of platinum according to the market and purity to determine your items’ worth accordingly. Contact us today if you want to inquire about selling your platinum to us.

We Buy Platinum Items in a Variety of Forms Including:

  • Cash for Platinum JewelryJewelry
  • Watches
  • Coins and medals
  • Bullion
  • Scrap
  • Dental items
  • Industrial items
  • Crucible
  • T.C. Wire (thermocouple wire)
  • EP Catheters (electrophysiology catheters)
  • Flake and sponge
AU Precious Metal Solutions buys your platinum for sale. Whether you’re looking to sell scrap platinum items including jewelry or watches, or are selling dental or industrial items. If you have a question about selling platinum, call our professional platinum specialists today!

Cash for Platinum

Cash for PlatinumPlatinum is a very scarce precious metal, and because of that, it’s very valuable. When it was first discovered in the 16th century, platinum was said to be the most cherished metal in the world. Platinum is a very valuable asset to have. It is used in many luxury watches, high-end jewelry, coins, etc. Contact us today to see what platinum items we can give you money for. AU Precious Metal Solutions doesn’t just buy platinum from individuals, but from businesses as well.

Platinum and Precious Metals Industries Served:

  • Cash for Platinum. Dentists Sell Your Platinum for Cash, Dental Labs selling their PlatinumJewelers
  • Pawn Shop
  • Dentists
  • Dental Labs
  • Health Care Specialists
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Steel Manufacturers
  • Glass Manufacturers
  • Cement Manufacturers
  • Oil Rigs
  • Sintering Plants

Sell Your Platinum!

We will buy your platinum at AU Precious Metal SolutionsAU Precious Metal Solutions houses experienced and trained employees in platinum buying and refining. Our platinum buying solutions give you a large return on your valuable items. If you are selling platinum items, now is the perfect time to sell them. Unlike other precious metal buying systems, we are a trustworthy group of experts who are professional and ready to buy your platinum and other precious metals. We base our platinum buying system on the market prices and percent of purity. We melt down your metal, so we can be as accurate as possible with the value. Contact AU Precious Metal Solutions today to find out more about selling your platinum!

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